Psychopathic Wards
Male Building Female Building
Appropriation Year: 1903 Appropriation Year: 1907
Construction Started: 1904 Construction Started: 1908
Construction Finished: 1906 Construction Finished: July 1910
Building Opened: 1906 Building Opened: Oct 1910
Demolished: No Demolished: No
Current Building Number: 21 Current Building Number: 31
Alt Name(s):
 - Anderson Hall
 - Male Acute Ward
 - Male 3&4
Alt Name(s):
 - Shamrock Hall
 - Female Acute Ward
 - Female 3&4
Architect: Addison Hutton
Building Type: Patient Wards
SEE IT ON A MAP: Male / Female (Building is highlighted in yellow)

The psychopathic buildings were built at the same time as the Convalescent Buildings and share many of the same internal characteristics. The male building was complete in 1905, the female in 1908, this was also the case with the Convalescent Buildings and the Violent Buildings. To help protect against fire the floors and partitions in the psychopathic buildings were made of terra cotta. The stairs were constructed of iron posts and risers, with slate treads. Two unique features found only in the female psychopathic building were an operating room on the second floor and a hydro-therapeutic room in the basement.

These buildings would later be used as admission wards for new patients. When the new Admissions Building was completed in 1952 both buildings were emptied of patients and were completely refurbished. Improvements included new tile floors, repainting the walls and ceilings, new florescent light fixtures were installed, and all bars were removed from the windows. Both buildings were then used as "open wards". Doors were kept unlocked at all times and minimal staff watched over the wards. Patients would come and go as they pleased to occupational therpy and other activities.

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