Name: Boiler House & Laundry
Build Date: 1887
Type: Support Buildings
Demolished: No
Current Building #: 34
Alternate Names: N/A
Special Features:
 - 5 story water tower
 - Belt driven machines in machine shop
SEE IT ON A MAP: Map 1 (Building is highlighted in yellow)

Constructed in 1887 at a cost of $45,000, this building replaced the hospital's first boiler house which was located behind the Main Building. On the lower floor were the boilers, totaling 1070hp. The boilers created steam to heat the hospital, the steam was then delivered through a system of underground tunnels. Also on the lower floor was a coal vault and machine shop. The laundry section which took care of cleaning and mending all patient garments was on the second floor. And on the third floor were rooms for the employees. In 1893 a 250kw. electric light plant was installed at the cost of $10,000. The dynamos for the electric plant were placed in the boiler room. Before the electric plant was installed the hospital was lighted by gas supplied by the Harrisburg Gas Company. Later in 1938 a new power plant was built when the hospital grew in size, this building was then used only for the machine shop and the laundry. The large five story tower, which is the buildings most noticeable feature, houses a large water tank for use in the laundry. The building still exists today (2011) in much the same condition it did at the beginning of the 20th century. Unlike most large state hospitals in the United States, there was no rail road next to the power plant for the delivery of coal. Instead coal was brought up to the hospital by horse and carriage, and later by truck, from the hospital's wharf at the canal.


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