Administration Building

Architect: Addison Hutton
Appropriation Year: 1893
Construction Started: November 1893
Construction Finished: May 2, 1895
Building Opened: May 10, 1895
Demolished: No
Current Building Number: 11
Building Type: Administration
SEE IT ON A MAP: Map 1 (Building is highlighted in yellow)


Completed on May 2, 1895, the Administration Building is the work of the Philadelphia architect Addison Hutton. Constructed of red brick, the building is three stories, plus a basement and attic. The first floor contained offices, the second floor contained apartment for the medical staff, and the third floor was the home of the superintendent and his family. Upon entering Hutton's Italianate doorway you are greeted by a spacious lobby that opens up to an intricately detailed staircase. On either side of the staircase are hallways lined with tall wooden doorways that open into offices. The floors of the lobby and hallways are covered in tile work and large wooden pillars stand in the intersection in front of the staircase. On the third floor, many of the rooms feature elaborate fireplaces with extensive detail work, each one being different from the next. Wood work highlights almost every room and the small kitchen features a large marble sink. A small playground was once located behind the building, it was a common play area for children of the superintendent and other staff members. An informal ball field was located to the right of the building, behind the Dix Museum. As of 2010 the building still looks very much as it did the day it was built. The first and second floors are still used for offices. The third floor has been refurnished with period furniture. Several of the rooms have large boardroom tables and are now used only for meetings.

Interesting Facts About the Admissions Building

  • The Administration signs that hang in the car port were actually created by set makers for the movie Girl, Interrupted. The hospital staff decided to leave them up once filming was complete. All scenes filmed in the Administration building were done on the third floor.
  • The Administration Building is one of the oldest buildings at the hospital, constructed while the Main Building was still in use.



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