My websites all started out as a simple hobby, done in my spare time, using once free web hosting services like Homestead and Geocities. Though I still do everything in my spare time, free hosting services ended a long time ago. For about the last 2+ years I have been paying a monthly fee to keep my websites, like City on the Hill, online for everyone to enjoy. Not to mention the time, gas, and money spent on visiting these facilities and doing research at places like the Pennsylvania Archives, none of which are located very close to my home. I don't mind doing any of this because I am fascinated by these places, and I truly enjoy being able to share the information with everyone. However, I ask that if you enjoy City on the Hill and it has helped you in some way, please consider helping the website by making a donating. Any size donation is helpful to keep the website running. The money will mainly help to pay for hosting fees, but may also be used for interactive services like the blog and guestbook and for further research on Harrisburg State Hospital and other State Hospitals. No, the website isn't going to disappear tomorrow if you don't donate, but in these hard times I appreciate any help you are willing to give.

All donations are handled by PayPal. I will never see any credit card or account information. Simply click on the "Donate" button below to contribute.



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