Nurse Homes
Male Building Female Building
Appropriation Year: 1909 Appropriation Year: 1905
Construction Started: 1910 Construction Started: 1906
Construction Finished: 1913 Construction Finished: 1907
Building Opened: 1914 Building Opened: 1907
Demolished: No Demolished: 1980s or 1990s
Current Building Number: 25 Current Building Number: N/A
Alt Name(s):
 - Lanco Lodge
Alt Name(s):
 - Gateway
Architect: John Dempwolf
Building Type: Staff Buildings
SEE IT ON A MAP: Map 1 (Buildings are highlighted in yellow)

During the 19th and first half of the 20th century it was customary for not only the superintendent and his family to live at the hospital, but also the attendants, nurses, and other staff. The female building was constructed first from 1906-1907, it was originally only a two story building but a third floor was added soon after completion. The male building took much longer to complete. Funds for the male building were actually appropriated for in 1909 but due to many delays and lack of funds the building wasn't usable until 1914. A lack of state funds caused many alterations to the original plans for both buildings. One of the biggest alterations caused by funding problems was the lack of fire proof building materials. Unlike all the other buildings built between 1893 and 1915 which were constructed of concrete and brick, the nurse homes were only brick on the exterior. Floors and stairs were made of wood. A fireproof stairwell was added onto the buildings at a later date. A separate building for married employees was built in 1928 on the grounds of the original hospital cemetery. In either the 1980s or 1990s the female nurse home was demolished and an above ground walkway was built connecting the female violent ward and the female infirmary.

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