Architect: Addison Hutton
Appropriation Year: 1899
Construction Started: April 1899
Construction Finished: January 18, 1901
Date Opened: January 23, 1901
Demolished: No
Current Building Number: Male 42 / Female 41
Alternate Names:
 -Willow Oak
 -Helpless & Harmless Wards
 -Geriatrics - 1
 -Male 1&2 / Female 1&2
Building Type: Patient Wards

The Infirmary building was built in 1900, it was the second building built during the reconstruction of the hospital, the first being the administration building. The building was designed by Addison Hutton and was one of the more original and imaginative designs that Hutton created at the hospital. Originally built for Chronic Insane patients it was two buildings in one. The left side of the building was for men and the right was for women. Both sides had large "airing courts" in the center. The two sections were connected in the center by a dinning room. In 1930 a second story was added to the building and the large ventilation cupolas were removed from the roof. More recently the building underwent an extensive addition and renovation. A large addition was built onto the original front entrance of the building and a new entrance was built onto the rear. Today, the original building designed by Addison in 1900 is almost unrecognizable amongst all the renovations and additions.


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