Convalescent Wards
Male Building Female Building
Appropriation Year: 1903 Appropriation Year: 1907
Construction Started: 1904 Construction Started: 1908
Construction Finished: 1905 Construction Finished: July 1910
Building Opened: 1905 Building Opened: Oct 1910
Demolished: Demolished:
Current Building Number: 22 Current Building Number: 32
Alt Name(s):
 - Green Building
 - Male 5&6
Alt Name(s):
 - Beechmont Building
 - Female 5&6
Architect: John Dempwolf
Building Type: Patient Wards
SEE IT ON A MAP: Male / Female (Building is highlighted in yellow)

Completed in 1905 and 1908, the convalescent buildings with their large copper cupolas are the work of the York, PA architect John Dempwolf. At the corner of the buildings were large "turrets" which provided extra air and sunlight for the large dayrooms upon which they opened. Each building also had an amusement room on the first floor and a "rain bath" on the second floor. The patient rooms were approximately 8 1/2 by 15 feet in size and were designed for no more than two patients. Each room had separate ventilation and heating ducts. A pantry was located in the basement near the entrance to the tunnel system. Food was brought through the tunnels from the central kitchen and a dumb waiter was used to take the food to the first and second floor serving rooms. The female building had several unique features not found in the male building. One was an elevator that connected to an underground tunnel that lead from the building down the hill to the morgue. Another was a library that at one time contained 8,856 books and 31,669 magazines. In 1999, while the hospital was still in operation, the male convalescent building (building #22) was used for the set of the movie "Girl, Interrupted" staring Winona Ryder and Angelina Jolie.

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