Architect: John Dempwolf
Appropriation Year: 1911
Construction Started: 1911
Construction Finished: 1913
Building Opened: Feb 15, 1914
Demolished: No
Current Building Number: 15
Building Type: Chapel / Amusement Hall
Alternate Names:
SEE IT ON A MAP: Map 1 (Building is highlighted in yellow)


The chapel was completed in 1913, but did not formally open until February 15, 1914. It is 90 feet in length and 60 feet in width. It contains a 40x18 foot stage, a 50x20 foot balcony with a pipe organ and movie projector booth. The roof is arched, which allowed the auditorium to be free of any supporting columns. The Chapel was one of only two buildings that allowed men and women to congregate together, the other building was the Sun Parlor. After it's opening, religious services were held every Sunday, prayer meetings every four days, and every fourth Sunday the service was conducted by the catholic church. Prior to the opening of the chapel the hospital did not have the ability to hold regular religious services. Occasionally services were held in the crowded halls of the Main Building by the Harrisburg Ministerial Association, who voluntarily gave their services. The Chapel was also used for special events as well as a theater. During the Christmas season the chapel was extensively decorated. The pipe organ cost only $1,467.24 when it was installed in the balcony.


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