Admissions Building

Architect: Unknown
Appropriation Year: 1950
Construction Started: 1951
Construction Finished: 1952
Building Opened: 1952
Demolished: No
Current Building Number: 17
Building Type: Patient Wards
Alternate Names: Petry
SEE IT ON A MAP: Map 1 (Building is highlighted in yellow)

Built in 1951, the three story tall Admissions Building is one of the newest building at the hospital. It was designed to hold 200 patients and was one of the few buildings that contained both male and female patients. All new admissions to the hospital would reside in this building for an evaluation period. After the evaluation period was over the patient would either be moved to another building if further treatment was needed or discharged from the hospital if their condition was improved or cured. The building currently sits almost exactly where the administration section of the Main Building once stood. During excavation in 1950, workers unearthed debris from the Main Building that was demolished in 1910. A hallway connects the rear of the Admissions Building to the front of the Sun Parlor.


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